The Cockie Shell

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  • Planning & coordinating of all arrangements desired for your ‘special’ day.
  • Personal Wedding Hostess will meet you at the gangway of your Ship in the Bridgetown Port.
  • Air-conditioned Transportation to/from Ship/Port, to the Ministry and your chosen Ceremony Venue.
  • Wedding Coordinator accompanies Couple to the Ministry.
  • Personal Coordinator assistance with the Marriage License Application.
  • The legally required Marriage License.
  • All Fees for Application, Handling, Documentation and Stamp Duty.
  • Personal Wedding Day Hostess Service – 2 Hours On-site Time.
  • Air-conditioned Transport for Bride and Groom to/from Ceremony Venue.
  • Officiating Minister.
  • Personally selected Wedding Ceremony as desired.
  • Coordinator cues Ceremony start.
  • Marriage Certificate issued by the Officiating Minister.
  • Exotic fresh, Island Flower Sheath, Posy or Hand-Held Clutch Bridal
  • Bouquet & Boutonnière – Couple’s selection of colours.
  • 2 Witnesses as legally required if Couple is alone